• High-precise delivery of reagents
  • Wide range of synthesis scales
  • Thermal stability
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Cost per base less than 0.1 USD
  • User friendly and flexible software
  • Easy and reliable instrument for a reasonable price

ASM-800 DNA/RNA synthesizer has been specially developed as high-performance instrument for wide circle of researchers. ASM-800 synthesizer allows cost efficient synthesis of standard and degenerate DNA, RNA, DNA-RNA ximeras, phosphotiate DNA and DNA with dues and modifications: fluorescein, biotin, Cy 3, Cy 5, phosphotioate, etc. Easy and reliable synthesizer ensures the extremely economy of reagents and solvents.

Synthesizer is equipped with a metering syringe pump, that delivers reagents to the synthesis columns with a flow step of 1 µl and volume speed 12.5 – 100 µL/s.

The built-in thermostat with heating element stabilizes reaction conditions, decreases total synthesis time and reagents/solvents consumption.

User friendly and flexible software allows to control all the stages of synthesis, to synthesize new analogues of nucleinic acids and to develop new synthesis technologies.



  • Efficiency:  8 oligonucleotides in 3.5 hours
  • Synthesis scales:  40 – 400 nmol or 1 – 15 µmol (with additional adapter)
  • Synthesis column format:  BIOSSET or/and ABI 394
  • Length of oligonucleotides:  up to 200 mer
  • Coupling efficiency:  more than 98.5% (DMTr)
  • Amidite ports:  4 (A,C,g,T) bottles with volume 25 mL and 4 additional bottles with volume 10 or 25 mL
  • Ancillary chemicals ports:  10 bottles with volume 0.25 – 4.3 L
  • Power requirement:  110 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 200 W
  • Dimensions (length х width х height), mm:  480 х 470 х 350
  • Working gas: Helium
  • Control by PC with operation system Windows XP

One-year warranty on parts and operation.
The synthesizer is equipped with an automatic system for operative diagnostics of all units: valves, pump, thermostat, electronic control unit, etc.


ASM-800 successfully operates with reagents of world-wide producers: Azco Biotech, ChemGenes, Glen Research, Link Technologies, Biosearch Technologies, EMD Chemicals, Applied Biosystems, Amersham Biosciences, Sigma-Aldrich, etc.


Order information:

ASM-800 DNA/RNA Synthesizer, Cat. No. 800-001-000

Complete set:
ASM-800 Synthesizer (without PC), CD with software and work protocols for different chemistries and synthesis scales, blank of empty synthesis columns with filters (500 pcs.), tools for setting filter-to-column, connection cables, spare parts set and operating manual.

Additional tools:
Large Scale Synthesis Adapter for ASM-800 DNA/RNA synthesizer, Cat. No. 08-040
, adapter for synthesis using ABI 392/394 format columns in scale 1 – 15 μmol.