About Us


BIOSSET Ltd. is a research-and-production company was found in 1994. Company develops, designs, produces innovative instruments for DNA and RNA synthesis.


Our mission is improving of people’s life by developing high-performance instruments for scientific and practical purposes based on latest achievements in molecular biology and biotechnologies.


The main principles of BIOSSET are:

  • To develop and produce high-quality and efficient instruments for a reasonable price.
  • To create and maintain reliable and trust relationship with our customers, partners and investors.
  • To achieve the assigned purposes and to fulfill the taken commitments.
  • To keep upgrading the output instruments and to extend the volume of the offered services.


The company has developed a range of DNA/RNA synthesizers: ASM-102U, ASM-700, ASM-800, ASM-1000, ASM-2000, ASM-10 and oligonucleotides purification systems OPS-201, OPS-1000, OPS-12. Products of the company are covered by patents of Russian Federation and registered trade marks.


Today BIOSSET is a leader on Russian market and well-known competitor on foreign market. It has been done more than 250 instruments with technical features that correspond to the best world-wide analogues Production of the company is in good demand from the researchers and successfully operates in 26 countries.

BIOSSET is a vertically integrated company that is working on whole cycle of instruments development: from idea to manufacture.



- a member of Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

- a member of association of hi-tech companies “SibAcademInnovation”;

- resident of Technological Park of Novosibirsk –  “Academpark”.

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