• An efficient purification of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides
  • Convenient purification format: 96 well plate or adapter with cartridges
  • User friendly and flexible software
  • High-performance device for a competitive price 


OPS-1000 is an automated system for isolation of oligonucleotides using solid phase DMT-ON purification method. This method allows to purify up to 96 samples simultaneously. According to HPLC data the quality of purification is more than 92% and purified oligonucleotides can be successfully used in PCR, genotyping, sequencing, hybridization assays, etc.

OPS-1000 allows a highly productive purification with low reagents consumption. The reagents used are not expensive and can be easily prepared in user lab.



  • Productivity:  96 oligonucleotides in 1 hour
  • Purity (HPLC data):  more than 92 %
  • Purification scale:  1.0 – 25.0 AU260
  • Purification format:  cartridges or 96 well plate
  • Length of oligonucleotides:  up to 100-mer
  • Control by PC with RS-232C interface, operating system – Windows-7/10
  • Power requirement:  110 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 750 W
  • Dimensions (length х width х height), mm:  1000 х 650 х 1200


One-year warranty on parts and operation.


OPS-1000 successfully operates with Glen-Pak DNA&RNA Purification Cartridge (Glen Research), TOP DNA&RNA Cartridges (Agilent Technologies), Puri-Pak Plate (ChemGenes), etc.


Order information: 

OPS-1000 High-Throughput Oligonucleotides Purification System, Cat. No. 1000-01-100

Complete set:
OPS-1000 system, personal computer with software and work protocols, consumables set, spare parts set and operating manual.