• Easy-to-work instrument
  • Convenient purification format: 96 well plate or columns
  • Compact and reliable instrument for very reasonable price

OPS-12 oligonucleotide purification system is used for oligonucleotide detrytilisation and purification by solid phase extraction (SPE).
Purification can be done for 96 oligonucleotides at the same time at the purification plate or cartridges.
The quality of purification is more than 90% by HPLC, which allows using oligonucleotides for many applications.
The reactants for purification are not expensive and can be prepared in the laboratory.


  • Productivity: 96 oligonucleotides in 1 hours
  • Purification scale: 0.5 – 25.0 AU260
  • Purity (HPLC data): more than 90 %
  • Length of oligonucleotides: < 100 mer
  • Dispensing of reactants: manually, by single- or multi-channel pipette
  • Evacuation by vacuum pump: 200 mbar
  • Power requirement: 220 V, 50 Hz, 100 W

One-year warranty on parts and operation.

OPS-12 successfully operates with Glen-Pak DNA&RNA Purification Cartridge (Glen Research), TOP DNA&RNA Cartridges (Agilent Technologies), Puri-Pak Plate (ChemGenes), etc.


Order information: OPS-12 Oligonucleotide Purification System, Cat No. 12-001

Complete set:
OPS-12 System, vacuum pump, consumables set, spare parts set and operation manual.