BIOSSET Ltd. provides a training course for its equipment using.

This course gives all the necessary knowledge to do synthesis using the synthesizers produced by

BIOSSET. Learning the process of reactants preparation in your own lab let you not to buy the

prepared reactants and thereby to to 2-3 times reduce the operational cost for synthesis.


Program of training course:

-  learning the base knowledge of oligonucleotide synthesis and purification technologies;

-  equipping of the synthesis laboratory;

-  preparation and monitoring of reactants for oligonucleotide synthesis;

-  quality and quantity analysis of synthesized oligonucleotides;

-  installation and work using ASM-800 and ASM-2000 DNA/RNA synthesizers;

-  preparation and monitoring of reactants for oligonucleotide purification;

-  installation and work using OPS-1000 oligonucleotide purification system.


Our specialists are also ready to provide a training course by individual program.